Golf Course Construction

A shaper expedites the construction process in all aspects of golf course construction.

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Golf Course Renovations

Whether your renovation project is large or small, we have a track record of satisfied customers.

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Athletic Field Construction

Please do not hesitate to contact us for help with all your athletic field projects.

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Greensmith was established in 2000 after working for, and learning from, the most respected names in the industry for fourteen years. We like to be thought of as you would think of a Blacksmith in the old days when personal craftsmanship and attention to detail was the need, when the "Craftsman"cared about his reputation. Like a Blacksmith would put his heart and soul into doing whatever was necessary to produce the needed results. We also put our heart and soul into every project that we undertake, with results that prove our commitment to give the attention to detail as much as needed to produce outstanding results in an efficient manner. Still hanging onto the old fashion work ethics, we have not had a dissatisfied customer yet.

As early as 7th grade, Greg Smith, the founder of the company, and shaper-in-charge of the execution of all contracts, realized a passion for the game. Admittedly a "Hacker", Greg is proud of the "average golfer" skill level that he brings to design, in order to help satisfy the average golfer, as well as challenge the more skilled athlete. What Greg thought was a way to get out of school early, turned out to be the education that, when combined with an artistic personality and a love of pushing heavy equipment to the limits, produces masterpiece golf courses as well as hundreds and hundreds of greens around the world.

Bonded and Insured!

Recently we have expanded our operations to include Athletic Fields of all types, as well as very interesting "land shaping" for private land owners. We can make your property look like a golf course.

Please come into the site to see what we have done and how we can help your current or upcoming project. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about any construction or renovation project that you may be considering. I love talking about golf course construction and renovations, and most of my recommendations are entirely free. Inside the website I have started a list of frequently asked questions regarding golf course renovation issues, and I welcome more questions and input!

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