Golf Course Construction

A shaper expedites the construction process in all aspects of golf course construction.

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Golf Course Renovations

Whether your renovation project is large or small, we have a track record of satisfied customers.

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Athletic Field Construction

Please do not hesitate to contact us for help with all your athletic field projects.

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Bonded and Insured!

Our mission is to help a golf course be the best that they can be, in order to attract players of all skill levels. To help a course provide a pleasurable but challenging golfing experience without breaking the maintenance budget. In fact we strive to lower the cost of maintenance and therefore free up resources both in manhours and budgeting so the course can continue making improvements. We like to see a golf course get better and better, rather than "degrade" over time. We have found that Golf Course Architects are starting to come around to our way of thinking: Less "radical" more "maintainable" still "beautiful".
Greensmith specializes in the total construction of the entire green complex, fairway bunkers, and laser leveling of tees. Greensmith offers consultation and supervision to keep your project ahead of schedule and under budget.  With over 30 years construction experience I have built over 400 greens (new and renovated), and I am building a reputation second to none for building beautiful greens to the highest construction standards. I aim to lower the cost as well as speed up the construction process. With my very high approval rating from architects, lower costs and earlier opening dates occur naturally.

We are a family business! This keeps our price very low, quality and attention to detail very high, and you know we take pride in our work! Contact me today to let me explain how we can save you money and put your project ahead of schedule!


  • Over 40 years golf related experience
  • Over 30 years construction experience
  • A reputation for fast, efficient, creative work and easy to get along with
  • Staked, shaped, and top soiled 9 greens in 10 days
  • Shaped 2-3 greens in 1 day
  • "Shifted" a shaped green 80' in 2 hours
  • Been called "da Vinci on a dozer"
  • Helped several builders earn "Builder of the Year"
  • Satisfied some of the most respected names in the industry
  • A very high approval rating with architects
  • Extensive renovation experience
  • Extensive design/build experience
  • Built over 400 greens.


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