Golf Course Construction

A shaper expedites the construction process in all aspects of golf course construction.

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Golf Course Renovations

Whether your renovation project is large or small, we have a track record of satisfied customers.

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Athletic Field Construction

Please do not hesitate to contact us for help with all your athletic field projects.

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  1. Bernie Anderson, American Bicycle Assoc (210) 698-6060
  2. Mario Poirier, NMP Golf Const (450) 795-3373
  3. Jay Barnett, JE Kingham Const Supt (936) 556-2038
  4. Ted Lock, Golf Course Architect (604) 943-4454
  5. Tom Walker, Golf Course Architect (772) 220-2925
  6. Skip Croft, Lindsey Const Supt (479) 601-3425
  7. Monty Ashworth, Golf Course Supt (972) 540-6633
  8. Bobby Anderson, Golf Course Supt (512) 563-5939

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