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Club at Cimarron

Mission, TX.
Architect: Williams Golf Architect

Crown Colony Country Club

Lufkin, Texas
Remove retaining walls from several tees creating maintainable slopes. Laser level several tees throughout the course.

River Place Country Club

Austin, Texas

Broke the drought. Laser leveled various tees through 13 inches of rain in one week. The Superintendent seemed shocked when he exclaimed “you didn’t even make a mess”!

Riverhills Country Club
Corpus Christi, Texas 

Removed top inch of sod and spread an inch of sand. Deep tilled and resurfaced 19 greens. Resolved drainage issues and softened severe greens. Prepared greens for others to sprig. All work completed in seven days.

Rio Verde Country Club
Rio Verde, Arizona
Architect: Tom Lehman
Re-shape, finish and laser-level nine sets of tees. In 30 days.
Champion Links
Shreveport, Louisiana
Design/build practice area around two existing greens and level practice tee (in eight days).
Colony Creek Country Club
Victoria, Texas
Deep till and resurface 19 greens.   Resolve some drainage problems and “soften” severe greens. Prepare for others to sprig. In 12 days.

Colonial Country Club
Fort Worth, Texas
Architect – Keith Foster
Reshaped #8 tee complex, and laser leveled tee tops. Classic course is the second-ranked layout in Texas.

Cape Royale Golf Course

Coldspring, Texas
Designed and built tournament style #18 green with spectator mounds and a beautiful view from the clubhouse balcony.  In 4 days.

Ennis Country Club
Ennis, Texas
One of two shapers.  Built three new fairways to re-route a section of the course in order to add more fairway lots.

The Links at Land’s End
Emory, Texas
Architect: George Williams
9 hole expansion.  One of two shapers on the job.  Staked, shaped and top-soiled nine greens in ten days.  Coached the contractor through his first golf course.

 Sharpstown Park Golf Course

Houston, Texas
Architect: Ken Dye
Cut and prepare for sod, 30,000 feet of swales and V-ditches, some as flat as .10 percent.

Uvalde Memorial Park Golf Course
Uvalde, Texas
Architect: Jep Wille
9 hole expansion.  The only shaper on the job.  Did the “minimal” clearing.  Worked closely with the dirt contractor to expedite the rough shaping.  Coached the contractor through his (2nd in 10 years) golf course.  Helped with surveying.  Worked closely with archaeologists on all cuts.

The Hills of Lakeway

Austin, Texas
Architect: Jack Nicklaus

18 hole remodel.  The only shaper on the job.  Replace top four inches of mix on all greens, rebuild all bunkers, expand and reshape several tees.  Helped with surveying.  Helped coordinate the project, including giving direction to the labor crew.

Preston Trail Golf Course

Dallas, Texas
Architect: Greg Smith
1 hole remodel.  In four days, turned a trickle of water across the approach into a small pond that was more visible and more in play.
Royal Oaks Country Club
Dallas, Texas
Architect: Maury Miller, Golf Resources
3 hole remodel.  Used a track loader to carve a landing area before a creek leading to the approach area.  Built new tees and improved drainage.

Laguna National
Architect: Dye Design
18 hole “adjustments”.  The only shaper/operator on the job.  Immediately prior to opening the course was determined “unplayable”, I did all the equipment work needed to make it more “welcoming”,  in just four weeks.

The Bayou Club
Largo, Florida
Architect: Tom Fazio

9 hole remodel.  One of three shapers on the job.  Rough shaped 9 fairways with a D8 on a rush job..

Crown Colony Country Club

Lufkin, Texas
Remove retaining walls from several tees creating maintainable slopes. Laser level several tees throughout the course.