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  1. Scott Nichols, Golf Course Superintendent, Gaines County G.C. (806)891-4242
  2. Larry Harper, General Manager, Great Hills C.C. (512)527-2701
  3. Lyndy Lindsey, Owner Lindsey Construction. (479)601-2754
  4. Skip Croft, Lindsey Construction Superintendent. (479)601-3425
  5. Bernie Anderson, Owner, American Bicycle Association. (210)689-6060
  6. Mario Porier, NMP Golf Construction. (450)795-3373
  7. Ted Lock, Golf Course Architect. (604)943-4454



Letter from Lyndy Lindsey, Lindsey Construction Company

December 20, 2009

Greg, thanks for the grapefruit, they hit the spot and the in-laws loved them. I have enclosed your bonus check for a job well done in Conway. I have had a lot of compliments on the course and that’s a contribute to your mind and God given shaping ability.

You are truly an artist on a dozer. We have really slowed down and the future of building golf courses for our company does not look good. I have enjoyed working with you and hope we can work together again in the future. Thanks for taking our golf courses to another level. I hope you have a good Christmas.

Your Friend Lyndy

Lyndy Lindsey
Lindsey Construction Company

Letter from Thomas Walker, Golf Course Architect

June 2002

To whom it may concern,

Greg Smith is one of the best golf course shaping operators I have had the pleasure of working with in my 25-plus years in the golf course design and construction business. Mr. Smith possesses a keen understanding of the functional
and aesthetic requirements of top-notch golf shaping. Mr. Smith is able to accomplish results in an expeditious and efficient manner. Greg listens and understands as well as any shaper I have worked with.

Mr. Smith and I worked together on Canyon Springs Golf Course in San Antonio, Texas. This golf course made Golf Digest’s top 10 courses in Texas the first year it was open and I am confident that Mr. Smith’s contribution had a great deal to do with that rating.
I must mention that Mr. Smith has a good work ethic. He gives 100 percent all the time he is on the job and he constantly
thinks ahead and, if asked, makes suggestions as to better the efficiency of the overall construction operations. Mr. Smith
understands all the aspects of the golf construction processes and is capable of fine (finish) shaping as well as rough shaping.
If you have any questions I will be more than happy to answer them– please call at your convenience. Kind regards.

Thomas Walker
Golf Course Architect

Letter from NMP Golf Construction

January 25, 2001

To whom it may concern,

Mr. Greg Smith has been working for NMP Construction Corp. last year. He worked as a shaper on a golf course project at
Baker Hill in New Hampshire. Mainly, he shaped tees and occasionally he did rough shaping of green complex.

He is a good worker and has a precise and good sense of observation. His availability has been highly appreciated from his
supervisor.  He is alert and has respect for individuals and neighbors’ property.

I would recommend Mr. Smith’s hiring.

Michelle Bramoulle
Director & Superintendent of Golf Operations
NMP Golf Construction

Letter from Frank Barbour, Teufel/Leahy

May 3, 1995

To whom it may concern:

Greg Smith was employed by us on the construction of the North Bellingham Golf Course, Bellingham, Washington, in the summer of 1994. He was involved with several aspects of construction including features shaping and fine
grading of tees and greens.

We look forward to including Greg on our next golf course project and highly recommend him to anyone seeking an excellent
construction team member. Please feel free to contact Larry Teufel or myself at our Portland office (503-646-1111)
if you have any questions.

Frank Barbour, Operations Manager
Teufel / Leahy

Excerpt from the Uvalde Leader-News
by Adam Yanelli, Staff Writer

To date, seven of the nine greens have been approved by golf course architect Jep Wille, who was in town last week checking on the progress of the project.

“It’s coming along very well,” Wille said Tuesday. “Some of the things I’m most excited about are the small adjustments we’ve made.”

He added that the work of Greg Smith, a subcontractor doing the rough grading on the project, has been a bonus.


“He (Smith) has exceptional talent, not only in shaping, but in interpreting my plans,” Wille said.  “When I tell him what I was thinking in the plans, he’s able to understand my vision and improvise and improve as he goes along.”

Wille also spoke about how Smith has built some of the greens, which have an average area of about 5,000 square feet, down instead of up.

“When you get back towards the Leona River, the ground naturally goes down,” he said.  “Building greens down is a Scottish trait, where the ball is meant to be spun onto the green, or for the lesser skilled players, run up onto the green.”

Letter from American Golf Course Construction, Inc.

March 12, 1993

Von Hagge Design Associates
Spring, Texas 77379


We are writing this letter in reference to Mr. Greg Smith, who was employed by our company as a finish and shaping operator from March 1991 to November 1991.  Mr. Smith worked on three different projects for us during that time, and we found him to be a dependable as well as skilled equipment operator.  Unfortunately we completed all our projects at that time and we were unable to use his services any longer.

We wish Greg the best in his future endeavors and can recommend him to anyone that wishes to consider him for employment for their golf course construction projects.


James L. Robinson
American Golf Course Construction, Inc.

Letter from Landscape Architect-Planner

October 29, 2001

Dear Greg,

It was great talking with you.  Like you, I’m looking forward to a healthier economy for golf construction.  I hope you like these pictures which surely show off your fine grading.

Keep in touch – I look forward to working with you again.


Jep Wille
Golf Course Architect, Landscape Architect-Planner

Letter from Graham Cooke & Associates, Inc.

March 15, 1993

Mr. Jeff Bloom:

This letter concerns Mr. Greg Smith, who Graham Cooke and Associates have had the pleasure of working with over the past couple of years, on two 18 hole golf course projects in Blaine, Washington and on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

As golf course architects, an important aspect to the success of our projects relates directly to the golf course shapers that become involved in the various area of course construction.  Greg Smith surpassed all our expectations as a golf course shaper, from the initial rough shaping stages to the final shaping of the golf course features.  In our associations with him, we found that he is able to adapt to different environments and produces quality work in an efficient manner.

He is very easy to get along with and has a great ability to interpret the architect’s design philosophies.  We have always found him very honest and understanding when faced with adversity and willing to provide his own input when site decisions have to be made.

We highly recommend Greg Smith and we feel he will be an added asset to your organization.

Yours Truly,

Wayne S. Carleton, B.L.A.
Senior Design Associate
Graham Cooke & Associates, Inc.